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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

The Classroom

The Classroom section of Furniture City History provides basic information and other resources to help teachers and students use the website as a window to the city’s furniture history and as a tool for discovery and understanding. 

Finding you way around the website

Furniture City History, a Grand Rapids Historical Commission website, is a collection of photographs, articles, documents, and other mediums found under Type or under the headings that are located near the top of each page.

A record providing basic information such as the date, place, creator, periodical or other source, and subject/s accompanies each primary source. This information allows you to search for images in many different ways. Use the “show options” and “show help” to narrow your search.

Several categories such as Furniture Companies, Designers, Articles, and Search have an alphabet at the top of the page to aid your search.

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