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Grand Rapids to San Francisco

Grand Rapids to San Francisco


This interesting piece of ‘regalia’, done in three dimensions, depicts a chest of drawers, the mirror piece has the date 1902 incised, above that a banner reads “Grand Rapids to San Francisco,” and all topped by the symbols of the Shriners, including the crescent moon and a sword with the word Saladin. The pin is about 3.5 inches in height.

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TitleGrand Rapids to San Francisco
FormatArtifact: Posted April 11, 2014

The Imperial Council of Mystic Shriners held a convention in San Francisco from June 9th to the 14th,,1902. It appears, from newspaper accounts, that trains coming from the East stopped and unloaded Shriners in Salt Lake City, where they did some touring of the area, then continued on the train/s to San Francisco. There was a contingent from Grand Rapids among the gatherings’ more than 1500 attendees, probably all wearing one the these pins. 

It is unknown who made the item, but it might have been E.M. McInerny & Co. at 151 Monroe. A McInerny & Sprague advertisement in the 1891 city directory lists the company as, "Manufacturers of Lodge Supplies and Regalia for all societies." In the 1902 Grand Rapids City Directory E.M. McInerny is the only company listed under 'Regalia' in the business listings. "E.M" was Ellen M., widow of John McInerny.

CollectionThomas R. Dilley

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