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New Orleans Exposition

New Orleans Exposition


The Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers Association exhibited at the 1884 World's Fair held in New Orleans. The Furniture Pavilion has four wings, each with clearstory windows, radiating from a central space topped by a cupola where a flag is flying. Another building is at the far left, and a couple of cupolas can be seen in the distance. Palm trees and tropical foliage are depicted in the engraving as well as a small body of water in the lower right corner, and a large one at the horizon.


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TitleNew Orleans Exposition

The New Orleans Daily Picayune, March 16, 1884, noted, “Mr. H.D.C. Van Asmus, secretary of the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers’ Association writes that his association at its last meeting, March 10, decided to make a joint exhibit of furniture and kindred manufactured articles, and that he is instructed to make application for a space of 600 feet in length by 15 or 20 feet in width.”

The following Grand Rapids furniture companies, listed in the Exposition Guide Book, exhibited in the Grand Rapids Pavilion at the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Orleans.

  • M.B. Church Furniture Co., featuring folding camp bed for tourists
  • The Phoenix Co., (two rooms) handsome cherry set, value, $400
  • Worden Manufacturing Co.
  • Widdicomb Furniture Co.
  • Nelson, Matter & Co., Mahogany set, value, $1000
  • Sligh Furniture Co., wickerwork oak set,
  • Stow and Haight
  • Grand Rapids Furniture Co.
  • Oriel Cabinet Co.
  • Berkey & Gay, (two rooms) old oak set and hallstand
  • Grand Rapids Chair Co.
  • New England Furniture Co., decorated cottage set
  • Stockwell & Darrah
  • William A. Berkey Furniture Co.
  • Bissell Carpet Sweeper
  • McCord & Bradfield Furniture Co., ladies’ folding table and a set in American Mahogany.
Location In PhotoNew Orleans, LA
CollectionThomas R. Dilley

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