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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Nelson, Matter Teamster

Nelson, Matter Teamster

On April 20, 1860, at the age of 20 years Joseph De Boer took charge of the lumberyard, stables, and horses of what became the Nelson-Matter Furniture Co., then known at the Comstock, Nelson & Matter Furniture Co. He served the company until it was succeeded by the Nelson-Matter Furniture Co., and continued in the employ of that company until the time of his death. He has not been engaged in active work for nearly a year because of poor health, but as a mark of appreciation for his faithful service of more than half a century, the company kept him on the payroll, and upon the fiftieth anniversary of his connection with them presented Mr. and Mrs. De Boer with a handsome mahogany bedroom suite.


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TitleNelson, Matter Teamster
Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionNelson Matter

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