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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Clock Dial, Grand Rapids Clock and Mantel Co.

Clock Dial, Grand Rapids Clock and Mantel Co.

Andrew Dervan

This shows a close up of the elaborate clock dial, which was the same on all Grand Rapids Clock and Mantel Co.  clocks, and phases of the moon dial above. The dial is from a clock at the Grand Rapids Masonic Temple. Just above the number six is the movement signature, G.R. Clock & Mantel Co..


Full Details

TitleClock Dial, Grand Rapids Clock and Mantel Co.
CreatorAndrew Dervan

The photograph was contributed by the photographer, Andrew Dervan, who also provided details about the clock. The GR Clock and Mantel clock, Case No. 131, at the Masonic Temple, is 94 inches tall and originally sold for $500 in 1910. The weight driven movement and chime tubes are unsigned. However, the company acquired a chiming hall clock movement patent # 828,388 from Peter Klein Jr. in 1908 that it appeared to use. 

Grand Rapids Clock & Mantel Company manufactured high-grade art mantels and hall-clocks in Mission, Colonial, and Dutch Revival styles in the city from 1898 to 1916. The company was located on the SW corner of Shawmut and Front on the West Side.



Location In PhotoGrand Rapids MI
CollectionAndrew Dervan

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