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George F., Jr. Clingman

1886 - Unk

Born in Chicago in 1886, George Clingman attended the University High School where he made rapid progress in both mechanical and freehand drawing. He then attended the Chicago Art Institute, and from there went to the shop of the Tobey Furniture Co., where he was given special training under the manager, William Christiansen, recognized as an authority on cabinet woods and furniture making.

He spent his time in the Tobey factory making details and freehand drawings of carvings, and following the various jobs through the shop each day during their progress. From the factory he went to the Tobey studios in the retail store where he made details and sketches for Tobey handmade furniture.

The following four years were spent working in Syracuse NY where he gained much valuable information about English, French, and Italian furniture imported by the Butler Manufacturing Co. and reproduced by them. From there he came to the Royal Furniture Co. in Grand Rapids as assistant to his brother, James Stuart Clingman, and spent another four years.

Then he associated with the Widdicomb Furniture Co. where he remained, except for time spent in the service during WWI.


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Full Details

First NameGeorge F., Jr.
Last NameClingman

Excerpted from The Furniture Record, September 1919. 

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