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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Charles O. Nash

1863 - 1931

Charles O. Nash, by 1919, had been designing furniture for twenty-six years, and the last fourteen years had been with Michigan Chair Co. Early in life he showed an inclination toward designing, and for a time attended the Cincinnati Art School. After finishing his course he worked for the Robert Mitchell Furniture Co. in Cincinnati, D.C. Hess & Co., and Herter Brothers in New York. Fourteen years ago he decided to come to Grand Rapids and accepted a position with Michigan Chair, for which he had done designing while in the East. Nash remained with Michigan Chair until 1930.

Nash uses all the periods from which he recreates, but doesn’t show any preference. In fact, his greatest pleasure is to take two or three periods, and with a few deft touches all his own turn out a piece of furniture that will be a pleasure to its owner.


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First NameCharles O.
Last NameNash

Excerpted from The Furniture Record, October 1919.

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