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Grand Rapids in 1856

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John Frohberg

1809 - 1877

The 1859 Grand Rapids City Directory lists a John Froburgh, cabinetmaker, working for C.C. Comstock, who operated a factory on the west side of Canal Street between Lyon and Huron streets. Later city directories list him, with various spellings of his name (see Notes); working for S.A. Winchester in 1872-73; as cabinetmaker, possibly on his own in 1873-74 and 1876. He lived on State Street, at both Nos. 18 and 64. He also designed for Berkey & Gay in the early 1870's.


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Full Details

First NameJohn
Last NameFrohberg

Variations on the spelling of Froberg in city directories are: Froburgh, Froback

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