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Haney School Furniture Company, Patent

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Haney School Furniture Company, Patent


The patent for  "Seat and Desk Structures", a pedestal desk, was granted to George M. Haney, son of Elijah Haney founder of the company. The patent, dated December 26, 1922, is held together with a blue ribbon and attached with the red seal of the United States. The schematic drawings of the seat and desk accompany the patent.


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TitleHaney School Furniture Company, Patent

George M. Haney left the School Furniture Co. in 1912 to begin the Empire Furniture Co. Haney School Furniture declared bankruptcy in 1919. George Haney began a new Haney School Furniture Co., under his control, in 1922, the same year he was granted the patent.

CollectionThe Haney Family

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