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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Grand Rapids Upholstering Co.

Grand Rapids Upholstering Co.

1906 - 1979

Begun as upholsteres of seating frames for Berkey & Gay Furniture Co. During the 1910s frames were made from mahogany exclusively.

1906: Company founded as a subsidiary of Berkey & Gay.

1930: Closes when Simmons closes Berkey & Gay.

1938: Reopens under new management.

1979: Company closes.

During the mid-1960's Joseph Kinnebrew was vice president of the company, Kathryn G. Scott, president & treasurer. It appears they created an auxiliary company, Gallery Crafts. The only clue, so far, to this company has been discovered by Karie Toronyi, who contributed the image of the leather bench, its label, and shipping tag. While Gallery Crafts is not listed in the city directories, the 1967 directory confirms both firms were located at the same address, with the Scott and Kinnebrew as the officers.

Full Details

TitleGrand Rapids Upholstering Co.
AddressGrand Rapids, MI
Year Opened1906
Year Closed1979
Also Known AsConsolidated Furniture Companies, Wallace Furniture Co.
Locationlocation on map

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