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McGeorge Bundy

McGeorge Bundy

GRHC - November 10th, 2010

The life and times of an early Grand Rapids lawyer, grandfather of his namesake, the National Security Advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.    



Mr. Bundy acquired his unusual name from his mother, Elizabeth McGeorge. Born in Chenango County New York in 1855, his father, Solomon Bundy, was an attorney who represented his district in the US Congress for a short period. McGeorge followed his father’s career and was admitted to practice in 1878.

When he entered the United States diplomatic corps he was sent to France where he spent one year. Upon his return from Europe he settled in Grand Rapids and opened a law office in 1881 with his first partner, Clark Gleason. It’s possible the two eligible bachelors met while staying on Barclay St. at the home of Van Eps Young who often housed young lawyers upon their arrival in the city.

Bundy married into the prominent local family of Harvey Hollister and Martha Clay. He and wife, Mary, settled into family life on Fountain St., near the Hollisters. His law career was successful, and his final work was on behalf of the furniture companies during the 1911 furniture strike.

During that time Bundy was suffering from intestinal trouble. Immediately upon the settlement of the strike in August he left for Europe to seek relief at the baths in Bavaria and help from European physicians in Antwerp. When surgery was performed the diagnosis was cancer. He died in Antwerp in November of 1911 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Is the name McGeorge Bundy somehow familiar? His grandson and namesake, was national security advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson and instrumental in escalating United States involvement in Viet Nam.





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