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French Furniture Books Arrive at Ryerson Library

Fifty volumes devoted to French Furniture and architectural designs, which were exhibited by the French government at the St. Louis exposition, arrived at the Ryerson Public Library today. They were purchased recently by Librarian Samuel Ranck and will be immediately placed in the reference department.

Typographically these books are samples of the highest art attained by the printer. The engravings, especially the colored work, are masterpieces.

These volumes were purchased for the benefit of the furniture workers of the city and especially the designers. The French have long been recognized as leaders in furniture designing. The highest art attained is now brought to hand for the benefit of Grand Rapids workers.

Architecture, co-related as it is to furniture designing, is given a prominent place in these books. One volume is devoted to costumes in vogue at various stages of the history of France.

Evening Press, November 15, 1904, page 2

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