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Grand Rapids in 1856

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Grand Rapids Withdraws from National Furniture Association

The Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers’ Association has decided to withdraw from the national association and send no delegates to the convention, which meets at Indianapolis, June 6, 7,and 8. Secretary Laycock of the national organization deprecates the withdrawal and has written to a local member protesting against the action.

Speaking of the matter, Secretary H.D.C. Van Asmus, of the local association, said this morning, “We decided to send no delegates this year because we felt that we derive no particular advantage from the national association. We really came to that conclusion two years ago, but paid our dues and remained in the society until now. There has been no trouble and we all feel very friendly to the national association, but it is of no benefit to us so we have stepped out of it. The national body was really organized by us in the city seven years ago. At that time we were members of the Western Association, consisting of furniture men in Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. That was a positive benefit to us and we expected great things from the national, but they did not come. The interests represented were too varied. The Eastern manufacturers’ interests were not the Western manufacturers’ interests, so after giving it a fair trial we withdrew. I understand New York has also decided to send no delegates this year.”

Evening Press, May 21, 1894, page 3

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