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Grand Rapids Furniture Association Announces Its Triangle Trademark

The Grand Rapids Furniture Association is out with an announcement addressed to the trade, giving general notice of its existence and its intentions to protect Grand Rapids furniture. The registered triangle trademark with the lettering “G. R. M.” appears with the letter. It is optional with the customers when the mark shall be used.

The firms which are authorized to use the Triangle Trademark

Berkey & Gay

William A. Berkey

Grand Rapids Chair Co.

Gunn Furniture Co.

Kent Furniture Co.

Michigan Chair Co.

Nelson-Matter Co.

New England Co.

Oriel Cabinet Co.


Retting & Sweet

Royal Co.

Sligh Co.

Stickley Bros.

Stow & Davis

Welsh Folding Bed Co.

Widdicomb Furniture Co.

Outside and non-members of the Association included in the announcement

John Widdicomb Co.

Luce Furniture Co.

Grand Rapids School Furniture Co.

Valley City Desk Co.

It is announced, “This trade mark will protect dealers who handle Grand Rapids product against competition from inferior furniture sold under Grand Rapids’ name and reputation.” It is also stated, “It is the purpose of this association to advertise this trade mark extensively in the public press, but under no circumstances will the names of the individual manufacturers appear in such advertisements.” Besides this, it is stated, “The members of this association agree to sell through the retail dealer only.” 

Evening Press, 6/28/1900, page 1

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