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Grand Rapids in 1856

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The Guild

Grand Rapids Chair

Imperial Furniture

Luce Furniture

The Macey Company

Nelson, Matter

Stickley Brothers Furniture

Grand Rapids Fancy Furniture (not a founding member)

John D. Raab Chair (not a founding member)

The Guild is an organization of Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers, whose purpose is to develop more pleasant and beneficial business and social relations among its members and those to whom it privileges may be extended.

We are not a corporation, nor a partnership, but simply a body of manufacturers who agree to rent and furnish the rooms on the second floor of the Weston Building, on Canal Street, in which we can meet for business and social purposes. Agreement was signed November 24, 1908.

Suitable clubrooms are maintained in the Weston Building adjoining the Pantlind Hotel, for the convenience of its members and their guests. These rooms are furnished with some of the most beautiful specimens of Grand Rapids furniture and furnishings representing the highest type of interior decorative art.

There is a comfortable lounging room, library, writing room, café, dining room, and billiard room of which the accompanying views give an idea of their hospitable and homelike appearance. The clubrooms are open the year round and the courtesy of the Guild extended to all retail furniture merchants visiting Grand Rapids.

The further purpose is to secure closer co-operation among these Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers on such important points as uniformity of finish, service in shipping and for the dissemination of a wider knowledge of rational and sensible ideas in Furniture.

The Guild factories enjoy the privileges of car loading and assembling of mixed cars, conducted by the car-loading department of the Grand Rapids Furniture Association.

Excerpted from Coll. 084-1-3, and Coll. 232-12.5, The Guild: Maker of Furniture of Quality, Published 1910. Grand Rapids Public Library

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