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Pantlind Hotel Plans

The building committee of the Pantlind Hotel Company was in session yesterday afternoon with architect Charles D. Wetmore and his assistants, and today they went at it again, the session closing with lunch at the Kent Country Club. Another session was held this afternoon. Mr. Wetmore expects to return home to New York tonight, but his assistants, Leonard Schultz and Walter Hopkins, will remain to complete the work. One of the complications that has arisen is the desire of the city to widen Pearl Street, but if this can be arranged promptly it will cause no delay.

The preliminary perspective sketch of the new hotel shows an eleven story building in pure colonial design, strong in its lines, dignified and with character but not ornate. The Old National and Kent State banks will occupy the Pearl and Lyon St. corners respectively.

Plans Call for Recessed Front

The front between the bank corners is recessed about ten feet instead of being flush, with a balcony over the first story. The main entrance is in the middle of the block and three shops are on either side. There is a ladies’ entrance from Lyon Street. The office is about in the center of the block, facing the main entrance and back of it is a three-story annex to Campau Avenue. The office and café are on the first floor, the banquet hall on the second and the Furniture Guild on the third. These plans are subject to extensive revision and not until the conference, now in progress, is completed will anything like a final decision be reached as to the plans.

Will Try to Get Together

Either Clay H. Hollister or Robert D. Graham will represent the Pantlind Hotel Company in the negotiations with Mayor Ellis regarding the purchase by the city of a narrow strip of the hotel property to be used in widening Pearl Street. At first it was proposed that an arbitration committee of three be named to discuss the matter and fix a price.

The council named the mayor and it is stated today that Mr. Hollister or Mr. Graham will act for the company. The suggestion has been made to the mayor that before a third member is selected an effort be made for the two representatives of the interested parties to arrive at an agreement.

Mr. Hollister and Mr. Graham both declare that there probably will be no necessity of naming the third man as the hotel people are ready to be so fair that the city will be glad to accept their proposition. It is possible the first conference over the matter will be held today.

Evening Press November 8, 1912, page 10

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