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Furniture Designers Exhibit Best Ideas at Public Library

The exhibit of the best pieces from the regular factory line, each bearing the name, not of the producing factory but of its designer, will be ready when the summer furniture sale opens June 23rd. The exhibit will be in Ryerson Library and will continue during the season. It will be open to the general public as well as to the visiting furniture buyers and sellers.

The display will be made by the Grand Rapids Furniture Designers Association and each of the 23 members will be represented by what he considers his best and most characteristic pieces. The exhibits will not be special pieces, but such as appear in the regular lines.


It will be the first display of the kind ever made in Grand Rapids and will illustrate what Grand Rapids is doing. The exhibit will be highly educational as well. Besides the finished furniture there will be model carvings, detailed drawing sketches, and other matter showing the development of furniture from an idea to something concrete.

Three lectures also have been arranged. H. W. Frohne of Good Furniture will speak July 1st on, Better Furniture, Better Homes;” W. G. Watrous of Chicago will speak July 8th on “Merchandising and Advertising Furniture;” and a week later Lachlan MacLachlan will lecture on “American Furniture.” The designers made an exhibit of about 15 pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These pieces will be shown here and others will be added to make a total of about 50 pieces.

Grand Rapids Press, June 6, 1919, page 10


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