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Grand Rapids in 1856

Scene of early Grand Rapids viewed from the...

Leopold Stickley & John G. Stickley

Leopold and John George Stickley modeled their company and products after the work of their brother Gustav. Leopold had worked for Gustav’s Craftsman Workshops and was familiar with the designs as well as the business.

While much of the firm’s work is reminiscent of that of their older brother’s company, the best of L&JG Stickley’s output can be seen as an individual expression of talented craftsmen and designers creating their own pieces. When Gustav declared bankruptcy in 1918, his younger brothers absorbed his debts and obligations, bought out his remaining inventory, and for a short time continued to produce some of his designs under a conjoined label.

When the demand for arts and crafts waned after the First World War, L&JG introduced alternative styles, such as colonial revival designs.

Leopold Stickley (1869-1957)

John George Stickley (1871-1921)

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